What We Really Going To Lose (Or Already Lost).

Hello readers.

This season we will lose a lot of trophies. There will be no Cup De Rey or Champions League trophie. We already lost them. And probably there will be no La Liga cup.
But that’s not the real loss of this season. All those trophies are just things. You can win or lose them every year. It’s nice to win, but if you never lose winning will be normal and you don’t enjoy it not enough. I love winning, but it’s okay that we don’t get the trophies this year. The only thing that bothers me about it is how everone acts about it. Sure, we can talk about it. Why is Messi not as good as he used to be? He’s still great, but he was better last season. And where is the motivation? If you say the players weren’t fighting, you have watched different matches than I have.
But that’s all not that important. The important thing is, what we are really going to lose or have already lost.

The players. The humans. The people who make us all sticking together under the sign of the club.

I am going to miss…

Carles Puyol. 

He always is one of the most important players, because he is the leader. The one who fights until the very end. He is a true captain and I am really sad that he’s going to end his career, but I understand it. He’s 36, that’s an age there football players end their careers (expect goalkeepers). He played 19 years for Barcelona and I’m glad he stayed there until the end of his career. I love him even more for being at one club for almost all his life. I’ll support him with his future plans, whatever their about. I’m sure he’ll return to the club, maybe as a coach… and I can’t wait for him to be back.
Until then, thank you very much, Don Puyol. You’ll always have a special place in my heart and be my captain in some way. I don’t know how it’ll be without you there… Since I’m a culé, you’ve been there and it’s hard to imagine the club without you, so don’t stay away for too long, por favor.

Victor Valdés.
The goalkeeper plays for the club since 2002. 12 years. That’s a long time and I can’t imagine someone else is standing between our goalpost… I mean, I’m used to see Pinto now and then, but everytime I do, I know Valdés will be back soon. It seems like he wants to leave and I want him to do the things he wants… but I also hope that he stays at the club, because he’s a great goalkeeper and person. I adore his way of keeping the ball outside the goal and I’m not afraid when I know he’s there to save us. So I keep hoping until I see him play for another team.

José Pinto.
There’s the second goalkeeper, I just talked about. I know that sounds weird, because he got a lot of hate lately… but I think this guy is great keeper as well. Sure he’s not as good as Valdés is, but who really is? He always was a good keeper when we needed him and sometimes he saved us, too. I’m going to miss him. Thank you, Pinto.

And now…

Tito Vilanova.
The man on the bench, who just died. He was our coach for only one season, but he won la liga and broke Real Madrid’s record of 100 points. But before that season he was on Pep’s side. They made all this golden ara together. He was the silent hero, who worked hard in the background. He taught ous to fight, to keep fighting, even if it gets worse, and to never give up. He was there for everyone, who needed his help. He earned a lot of respect, even from the Madridistas. He worked hard for the club and his life. He fought against cancer until his last day, but some fights can’t be won and sadly that was one of them. In a way Barça is like a huge family and now it really feels like one of our family members passed away. I am sad, I cried and I will remember him as a strong person with a huge heart for others.
Thank you, Tito. For being a hero. For being our coach. For being our player. For being Pep’s friend. For being a dad to your kids. For being a husband to your wife. For being a child to your parents. For being a Culé. For being there for others. For being there for Cesc when he was a child. For being a fighter.
For just you being you.

PSE Tito


I just like to say thank you to everyone I talked to about our lose and who understands what I talked about.

Also a huge thank you to all my friends, who stick around. I know I’m weird and it’s not always easy, but you stay my friends. So thank you.

In time of huge loses you see that’s important.




We Used To Be Friends.

Hello my friends,

I’m such bad blogger lately. But I still have hope to get better…

Today I’m full of power and joy. I went to the cinema with my best friend. We watched the Veronica Mars Movie, which made me freak out… I don’t know if you know the series, but it was my favourite (before Sherlock existed) and it ended “not so great”. A lot of fans hated it and begged for the movie… after years WB and the makers finally agreed to make a movie, but the fans had to finance the whole thing. So Rob Thomas, the maker, started a kickstarter project and the fans spend over 5 million USD…. which are 3 million more than they had asked for. I still can’t believe all this really happend and I’m so proud to be a part of this fandom! Well, yeah… what was I about to say? I guess, I only wanted to let you know how much I love Veronica Mars and that I’m pretty happy thanks to her and the great, great movie!

Okay, back to the things I wanted to write about two weeks ago.

Fall Out Boy was insane, because they reminded me of my whole teenager time and I’ve lots of memories about every song. It just was like time traveling and being as emotinal as I am right now. We stand in front of Pete Wentz, who had such an huge impacted on who I am now… I am grateful to have seen my those people who just helped me growing up.
They are also grown as a live act since I saw them in 2007. They really got better and I’m very happy about that and I can’t wait to see them again one day.


I also wanted to tell you why I’m going to stay here longer.
Well, there are a couple of reasons.

  1. I earn more money next year… that sounds so bad to write, but it’s easier to move with a little bit money in the back of you pocket.
  2. I’ll get some working experience, which will help me finding a new job later.
  3. I can help my mom, if she’ll really move houses.
  4. I don’t have to leave my pets behind (that’s, to be honest, one of the main reasons… I can’t imagine a life without them).
  5. I still can travel and maybe I’ll finally make it to Barcelona, which would be amazing.

Those were my main reasons… so I’m excited about whatever will happen in the next few months.

See you soon,

x Frankie

PS: Barça just won against Real Madrid, so I’m even more happy than at the beginning of this blog post. (I didn’t write during the match… maybe the text isn’t that great… I just wrote before the match, during the half-time and after the match… )
I hope, you had a great day as well. I wish you a great week.

I made a decision! | Life Update

Hello there.

After a few of months of uncertainty, I finally made a decision! I really felt bad those months and I was thinking too much… but I made a compromise, which should work very well. At least I hope so.

You guys know that I want to go to a foreign counrty to live there at least for one year… and I thought I’d do this next summer. But my boss asked me, if I’d like to stay there for another year, so I’d make some working experience and earn some money before I leave… well and after that question I thought about it a bloody lot! I thought I wouldn’t leave this place, if I’d say yes to stay here for another year….

But on the other hand I’ll still be young next year. And why shouldn’t I go next year? And it’d great to save some money before I leave…

So, after the last months being unhappy with myself, I’m going to be fine now.

I made the decision to stay here. With my family, pets & friends. At my job.
And then I’ll go to away.

Thank you very much for sticking around.

I’ll tell you more about my decision in the next post, but first of all I just wanted to tell you.
I’d also love to share my thoughts about my very first concert and the last one I’ve been to. Yes, those were my tickets…


See you sooner now,

x Frankie

feelings. | Life Update

Dear reader,

it took me two weeks to write here about this, but today is the day.

I am kinda exhausted. I feel pretty tired all the time and I needed my last sundays for myself.
All this is because I have to make some very serious decisions and I’m fucking bad in making those.
There’s also a lot of stress, because there are a few things I’ve to do for my school.
And of course my job is keeping me busy all mornings and noons long.

I just could need a rest, but there’s no time for rests.
And I start to doubt.

Doubt in what I want from life.
What I want from my job.
What I want from my freetime.
What stuff I really enjoy and what I just thought would be fun, but in the end it isn’t at all.

The thing is, I don’t feel like leaving Germany this summer.
Not because I couldn’t, but because it doesn’t feel right now.
But also my job doesn’t feel right and I have no clue how to solve this problem.
Changing the job sounds so easy, but first I need to find out what the right job is!

Damn, I’m so confused…. and then I’ve got this lovely blog…. which I loved to write, but lately I’ve been shitty at it >.< And I am sorry for that.
But there’s so much going on in my real life and my brain never gets a rest to relax and write something nice.
So I post all my thoughts and hope you don’t mind to read something boring here.
I am not sure how long it takes before I’ll be back to the normal posts, but I don’t wanna promise anything, because there’s a huge homework coming and I don’t know if I’ll write while doing them. I’m sorry. Really.



Hello Mr. Holmes ♥

Hello everyone.

Here’s part two of my London posts. It’s about our visit at the famous Baker Street. Yes, we visited Sherlock Holmes *-*

I guess you know that SH lived in the 221B Baker Street…. well, if he had lived. Unfortunately, he’s just a character in a book series.
But the adress is real. There is a the museum, which is all about the one and only Consulting Detective and his friend John Watson and their adventures.

The rooms are furnished like Sir Conan Arthur Doyle described them.

You can sit in Sherlock’s chair and wear his (or in my case John’s) hat.

2013-12-28 12-14-40

And I love all the little details.
The candles and fireplaces seems to work.
It’s like Sherlock and John are just out to solve a crime and they’ll be back in a minute to have a drink.
Do you fancy a Scotch or Gin?

2013-12-28 11-13-50

Everywhere is something you know from the stories.

It’s a great place for everyone who’s a Fan of the great stories about Sherlock Holmes.
No matter if you love the books or the old movies.
Even if you just love the BBC series (I’m obsessed with it!), you probably going to like this awesome museum.

Do you like Sherlock Holmes? What’s your favourite story about him?

x Frankie

Epic Brownie

Hello darlings.

Today I start with my posts about London. And the first topic is the food. We had a lot of great, awesome, tasty, perfect food in London.
Yes, that’s right. We went to England and had the best food in our life.

Let’s start with my favourite. Jamie Oliver’s Risotto Wild Mushroom & Smoked Mozzarella. I ate it at Jamie’s Italian in Covent Garden.
But let’s be honest, desserts are the best thing about dinner. Aren’t they?
So Jamie Oliver is very creative and he sells an Epic Brownie.
The name says it all. It’s epic!

2013-12-31 15-32-02

Yes, there is popcorn and ice cream on the top of the brownie.
And it tastes better than you may think.
As you can guess Theresa and I love Jamie Oliver.
That’s why we also went to his restaurant Fifteen.
There we shared a brilliant salat, a perfect pizza and had great dessert.
But this shouldn’t be all about Jamie Oliver’s food. Even through we loved it the most.

One afternoon we ate Cupcakes.
My cute little cake is from a store called The Cupcake Bakehouse. It’s also at Covent Garden.

2013-12-30 15-17-35

We also went to some other restaurants, but I can’t post every little bit of food we had in five day. Or can I?
I could… because I made a photo of everything… but I think it’s not that excited. I mean you know what pasta or burgers look like.
But if you really like to know what else we got, you can follow me on Instagram and I’ll post everything (it just will take some time).

So that’s it for today. I’ve to do some paperwork for my job… and I’m a little hungry now.

Have a great week.

x Frankie