“All beginnings are difficult.”

That’s true!

Our first steps are not as easy as we might think. They were hard work. We stand up, lift one leg and fall back to the ground. It hurts but we keep trying until we finally walk.
The same applies to speaking. We make unintelligible noises. We try to tell people what we need but they don’t understand us…. until the day we finally say “Mommy”, “Daddy”, “hungry” and “thirst” and  from that day on we never stop talking.
We see our parents reading books. We want to read books too. But we can’t until we go to school and someone teach us reading and writing. It’s not always easy but in the end we are lucky. Because reading and writing help us through every day… even if we don’t realise it anymore. When we look back to those days before school we can’t remember how it was to not know how to read or write.

Beginners - BlackAndWhite - 02

So yes, all beginnings are difficult. But we learn a lot through them. I learned a lot but not enough. And now I start something new.

I’m going to write this blog. About my journeys and all the things I care about.
And maybe you realised that my English isn’t perfect. I’m sorry if it’s not easy to read the stuff I write. My first language is German…. but I wanted to write this blog in English which isn’t always that easy for me.

I hope it’ll be not too boring. But if it is I want you to help me to make it better, because I want to learn something.
I would love to meet some new people.  And maybe I’ll make some friends. That’d be awesome.

See you next week with an real post and not just introduction.

xx Frankie


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