A Little More Personal | My Thoughts #1

Hello readers.

After one month of blogging I think it’s time to get a little more personal. I decided to do a monthly post called “My thoughts”, where I’ll write about one topic and explain my thought about them. I’ve some ideas about this, but I’d like to read what topics do you like to read about?

MyThoughts - 02

This first episode of “My thoughts” is about me, because it’s called A Little More Personal. I’ll do it in the 25 facts about me – style.

  1. My real name is Franziska which is the german version of Francesca.
  2. I’ve lots of nicknames like Frankie, Frances, Franzi, Cissy etc.
  3. I’m born on the 4 of July 1991 – so I’m 22.
  4. … but I was never estimated over 18. I look very young.
  5. My first book (without pictures in it) ever was Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone. Since then I’m Potterhead.
  6. People told me a couple of times that I look like Luna Lovegood.
  7. I own a cat and two dogs. I love both. Cats & dogs equally.
  8. I always thought my mom and me are like Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (from the TV show Gilmore Girls).
  9. I enjoy jogging. But lately I didn’t run often, because I’m busy with my job.
  10. I love football (soccer) a lot ♥ My favourite team is FC Barcelona.
  11. I am a vegetarian.
  12. The first concert I’ve been to was Fall Out Boy in 2007.
  13. I don’t like flying… but I do it, because I love travelling and seeing new places.
  14. I’ve never moved. So, yes, I still live with my mom.
  15. I like painting .
  16. I usually don’t cry while reading, but when I read John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars I cried for 30 minutes >.<
  17. I like baking and cooking but I don’t do it often because I don’t like the colour of our kitchen walls. ô.Ô
  18. I am 5’3″. That’s pretty small.
  19. I am more or less a nursery nurse. I am already work in this job and I have my final exam in summer 2014.
  20. I love with pudding 😀
  21. My favourite season is summer, because I love warm weather and the sun.
  22. Sometimes I feel like Lindsay Lohan in Just my luck, because everything goes so well and then my luck stops from one day to another.
  23. I like dresses and I just started to get into Make Up. ^-^
  24. If I’d be a TV character, I’d be a mix of Peyton Sawyer (One Tree Hill), Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) and Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City).
  25. I buy christmas presents from January to November. Non in December.

If you would like to anything else, I’d be happy to answer your questions. And leave some facts about you ^-^

xx Frankie


The Beauty Of Nature [Scotland]

Hello readers.

In October 2012 I’ve been in Scotland for just one week. It was very busy and exhausting, but also fantastic and great.

Scotland is a beautiful counrty. There are the famous highlands. It’s just nature without houses and streets everywhere. It looks peaceful and you see how awesome the world could look like if people wouldn’t build all those “not so beautiful buildings”. (I love some buildings but others are pretty ugly :D).

Scotland - 01   Scotland - 02

Maybe you won’t meet a human being in miles, but probably you could meet a sheep. There are so many sheeps in Scotland. It’s unbelievable.

Scotland - 03

In Scotland you can see lots of castle. I guess the most famous one is in Edinburgh….
But I’ll show you a different one, because I made this nice photo. 😀

Scotland - 04

Edinburgh is such a great city.
I was there for just one day and I wish I had more time to explore the city.

Scotland - 05

Scotland - 06

Whenever I tell someone I’ve been to Scotland, I always get asked: “Have you seen Nessie?”
And of course I’ve met Nessie 😉 You should go there to meet her by yourself. She’s actually pretty nice.
I love how scary Loch Ness can look.

Scotland - 07

Scotland - 08

We stayed in every town for only one night, so we could explore more of the country.
One of those towns we’ve been to, was full of painted plastic cats.
They looked very interesting. Unfortunately I still don’t know the story behind those cats.

Scotland - 09

Scotland - 10

If you know what those cats are about, please tell me. And tell me your story about Scotland. Have you ever been to Scotland? What have you seen?

x Frankie

Books, books, books and books. [Frankfurter Buchmesse]

Hello readers 🙂

You can escape from reality. All you need is a good book and a little bit of your own fantasy.
But what is a good book? Where can you find it?
Those are really good questions and my answer is very simple. Go to the next book store and ask!
The people mostly know lots of amazing books and help to find the right one for you.

Books - 01

Another ways to explore the world of books are book fairs.
I visited the Frankfurt book fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse) yesterday.
And I enjoyed it as much as I did the years before.
Normally I had a plan about who I want to meet and what I want to see there.
But yesterday we just went there and explored everything without any plans 🙂
And it was quite more fun and way more relaxing ^-^
I was able to take a look in Derek Landy’s new Skulduggery book and eat a tasty Lango.

Books - 02

Well, we also saw some designer. But they weren’t the best dressed people there. 😀
The German Cosplay Championship (Deutsche Cosplay Meisterschaft) has their final at the Frankfurt book fair (it’s today, so we haven’t seen it – but we met awesome cosplayers anyway).
You can meet a lot of nice people with great costumes!
My favourite was this one guy who was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Books - 03

Isn’t this a great costume?
I think he could play Captain Jack Sparrow as good as Johnny Depp does.
He moved pretty much the same way as Jack does in the movies.
Sadly we saw him while we were already on our way home, so we didn’t ask him for his name >.<

What do you think about cosplay? And what books do you read?

See you soon,

x Frankie

The City Of Sin ♥ [Amsterdam]

Hello readers,

one of my favourite places in this world is the capital of the Netherlands –  Amsterdam.
People often think Amsterdam is a city of sin, because you can get drunk and high very easily. But that’s wrong. Maybe you can get drunk and high, but I’m sure you can get drunk and high in every other city as easy as in Amsterdam. The difference is that everything seems so much more fun in this city. There are so many beautiful things around every corner and the people are friendly. It’s just a very peaceful city. I read The Fault in our Stars a couple of weeks ago and I just found a good quote in it.

Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom most people find sin.
– John Green –

I think this quote describe Amsterdam perfectly. I don’t want to promote drugs or anything. I just think Amsterdam is not the city of drugs or something. It’s just a great city with wonderful people and places.

Amsterdam - 04

I’ve been there a few times now. And the thing I love the most is the water!
I absolutely love all the little rivers, which flow through the whole city. It’s amazing.
And of course there are a lot of bridges, so you can walk through the city and across the rivers 🙂
If you go to Amsterdam, you should travel through the city with a boat. It’s definitely worth it.

Amsterdam - 01

You can travel with bicycles, too. There’s no place you can’t go by bike in the city.
I’ve never been to an place with so many bicycles.

Amsterdam - 05

The people in Amsterdam are very awesome. If you need help, you definitely find help.
Everyone seems very happy. It’s like you have to be happy. I guess that’s one of the reasons why Amsterdam is such a peaceful place.
Just remember to smile, smile, smile 🙂

Amsterdam - 03

The little things in life are the most beautiful.
This city shows lots of those.
You just need a little bit time to explore them.

Amsterdam - 02

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Do you like Amsterdam? What do you like about Amsterdam? I’d love to hear your stories.

See you soon,

x Frankie