Books, books, books and books. [Frankfurter Buchmesse]

Hello readers 🙂

You can escape from reality. All you need is a good book and a little bit of your own fantasy.
But what is a good book? Where can you find it?
Those are really good questions and my answer is very simple. Go to the next book store and ask!
The people mostly know lots of amazing books and help to find the right one for you.

Books - 01

Another ways to explore the world of books are book fairs.
I visited the Frankfurt book fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse) yesterday.
And I enjoyed it as much as I did the years before.
Normally I had a plan about who I want to meet and what I want to see there.
But yesterday we just went there and explored everything without any plans 🙂
And it was quite more fun and way more relaxing ^-^
I was able to take a look in Derek Landy’s new Skulduggery book and eat a tasty Lango.

Books - 02

Well, we also saw some designer. But they weren’t the best dressed people there. 😀
The German Cosplay Championship (Deutsche Cosplay Meisterschaft) has their final at the Frankfurt book fair (it’s today, so we haven’t seen it – but we met awesome cosplayers anyway).
You can meet a lot of nice people with great costumes!
My favourite was this one guy who was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Books - 03

Isn’t this a great costume?
I think he could play Captain Jack Sparrow as good as Johnny Depp does.
He moved pretty much the same way as Jack does in the movies.
Sadly we saw him while we were already on our way home, so we didn’t ask him for his name >.<

What do you think about cosplay? And what books do you read?

See you soon,

x Frankie


4 thoughts on “Books, books, books and books. [Frankfurter Buchmesse]

  1. I love cosplay and I was in Frankfurt yesterday, too! I also cosplayed and had a lot of fun 🙂 Would’ve been nice if I had met you

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  3. Captain Jack Sparrows real name is Hendrik Buchna, A great german author for psychothriller books. Further he is one of the authors of a very popular german detective story for young readers, called “Die drei Fragezeichen”.

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