The Beauty Of Nature [Scotland]

Hello readers.

In October 2012 I’ve been in Scotland for just one week. It was very busy and exhausting, but also fantastic and great.

Scotland is a beautiful counrty. There are the famous highlands. It’s just nature without houses and streets everywhere. It looks peaceful and you see how awesome the world could look like if people wouldn’t build all those “not so beautiful buildings”. (I love some buildings but others are pretty ugly :D).

Scotland - 01   Scotland - 02

Maybe you won’t meet a human being in miles, but probably you could meet a sheep. There are so many sheeps in Scotland. It’s unbelievable.

Scotland - 03

In Scotland you can see lots of castle. I guess the most famous one is in Edinburgh….
But I’ll show you a different one, because I made this nice photo. 😀

Scotland - 04

Edinburgh is such a great city.
I was there for just one day and I wish I had more time to explore the city.

Scotland - 05

Scotland - 06

Whenever I tell someone I’ve been to Scotland, I always get asked: “Have you seen Nessie?”
And of course I’ve met Nessie 😉 You should go there to meet her by yourself. She’s actually pretty nice.
I love how scary Loch Ness can look.

Scotland - 07

Scotland - 08

We stayed in every town for only one night, so we could explore more of the country.
One of those towns we’ve been to, was full of painted plastic cats.
They looked very interesting. Unfortunately I still don’t know the story behind those cats.

Scotland - 09

Scotland - 10

If you know what those cats are about, please tell me. And tell me your story about Scotland. Have you ever been to Scotland? What have you seen?

x Frankie


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