May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor | My Thoughts #2

Hello readers.

Today’s thoughts are about fangirling moments. I know that’s not really something I’ve huge thoughts about… but after this weekend it’s just the only thing I can write about.

Want a sugar cube?

On Friday my best friend and I went to the cinema to watch the 2nd movie of The Hunger Games series.
We both read all books, so we know how the story ends…
But we even with this knowledge doesn’t change anything.
Since the end of the movie, we are desperate to see the 3rd movie.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has a massive cliffhanger.
I would advise you to read the 3rd book before you watch the movie.
If you don’t like reading, watch the movie anyway! It’s just a brilliant movie.
Those The Hunger Games movies are just the best book based movies since Harry Potter.
After the movie we fangirled about it for the rest of the day.


On Saturday was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.
For everyone who’s a fan of this great, great, great TV series was more than just excited about this episode.
I’m not often excited about one single episode of an show, but Doctor Who is different.
I’m always excited about the Christmas Special and now I couldn’t stop talking about the anniversary.
The best thing about the anniversary was that David Tennant and Billie Piper returned.
And at the end of the day I loved the series a little bit more than ever.

Doctor_Who_104(Quelle: BBC)

Last but not least on Sunday I was fangirling about Giovanna Fletcher.
Her book Billy and Me will be published in Germany in April 2014. Yeay!
It’s get the german title Sternenküsse. You can translate it with star kisses.
But I still don’t like the title that much. And that’s what I tweeted to the lovely Mrs. Fletcher.
And you know what happened? She answered my tweet!
And retweeted another tweet of mine!
I love her and the book, so it made me really happy.

What are the things you fangirl / fanboy about?

xx Frankie


Christmas Is Coming!

Hello readers.

In the last couple of posts I always had more pictures than textes… I’ll try to change that now.

The first sign of Christmas are the sweets you can buy in supermarkets.
But you can buy them since August or September….
So you don’t get the “Christmas Is Coming” – feeling.
Another sign is that Starbucks sell their awesome coffee in red cups.
I’ve to say that I’m a lover of those coffees.
And I’m always happy to buy the coffee in the red cups.
So the red cups are finally arrived…

…. and Christmas is coming.

Christmas 1 -02

Yesterday I’ve been in a factory to buy some Christmas decoration.
The factory is near by my home, so we go there every year.
You get excited about Christmas after you’ve been there, because you always buy something new and want to decorate your whole house like it’s already Christmas. But unfortunately it’s still a month away… so no decoration until December (which is in two weeks) 😀
We go to the factory, because it’s cheaper than in the shops.
It’s also a more excited experience than going to normal shops.
Another pro for the factory is that you can get everything you need to decorate your house for Christmas.

Christmas 1 - 01

It’s also insane how many people go there every year.
You meet all the people you haven’t met through the twelve months of not Christmas time.
Sometimes I’m very happy to meet someone I’ve lost during the year.
Those Christmas shopping trips bring them back in my life, which is nice.

Are you excited about Christmas? What’s the first sign of Christmas in your life?

x Frankie

The City In The Ocean. [Italy]

Hello readers.

I’ve been in Italy a couple of times. As a child with my mom and once with my class.
It’s always nice to visit this country with so old and amazing culture.

Italy - 02

In Verona is the most famous balcon.
The balcony of Romeo and Juliet.
Under that balcony is this grid with lots of locks.
People can buy one and write their names on it. Or you can write a letter with your wishes to Juliet.

Italy - 05

Another famous place in Italy is Venice.
You should travel with the gondolas.
Of course you should also visit the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco.

Italy - 01

I’ve also been to Lake Garda.
There are many beautiful little towns, e.g. Sirmione or Limone sul Garda.

Italy - 06

What place would you visit in Italy?

x Frankie

Somewhere Between Nature And Childhood. [Sweden]

Hello readers.

Today I’ll tell you about my last journey.

Sweden - 11

This year my mom, our two dogs and I traveled to Sweden. We drove with our car to Lübeck. From there we went by a ship to Trelleborg. So, yes, we finally were in Sweden, but our destination was Mönsteras. We had another long driving ahead.
When we finally arrived. We went for a walk with our dogs and explored our area. After that we had dinner and went to bed.

Sweden - 03

In the next two weeks we lived in one typical swedish wood house.
It was small, but with an beautiful garten.
There we saw this little, cute squirrel.

Sweden - 04

Of course there is a lot of nature in Sweden.
In Sweden live less people than in Germany, even through the country has almost the same size.
Only 21 people live pro km² (in Germany there are 226 people pro km²).
There’s enough place to let the nature be nature. It’s beautiful.

Sweden - 01

We went for long walks with our beloved dogs everyday. They loved Sweden as much as we did.

Sweden - 02

We went into a forest and I think it looks pretty magic there.
I almost hoped to meet a elf.

Sweden - 05

Of course, we wanted to see moose.
But  unfortunately we didn’t see any in their free nature.
We went to an moose park, where we not just saw them, but we also fed them.

Sweden - 06

Sweden is also famous for a lot of beautiful seas.
It’s no surprise. There are so many of them!

Sweden - 08

With all those seas, it’s also no surprise, that there are a lot of ships.

Sweden - 09

When I was a child my mom read to me a book called Pippi Longstocking.
It’s a story about a girl, who lives alone with her horse and a monkey.
She’s pretty strong and has no fear.
I really loved her story.
Well, those stories were written by Astrid Lindgren, who is from Sweden.

In Sweden we went to Astrid Lindgren’s world.
They showed Pippi’s stories on a stage.

Sweden - 16

My mom’s favourite story of Astrid Lindgren is Emil of Lönneberga.
It’s about a boy called Emil. He makes a lot of pranks.
It is really good. If you don’t know books by Astrid Lindgren, you really should read some.

Sweden - 12

We also visited Astrid Lindgren’s hometown, Näs and Vimmerby.
It’s pretty interesting to see where she’s grown up.
In this house live still family members of the Lindgren family.

Sweden - 17

To end this post, I’ll post a random quote from Pippi Longstocking 😀

“But Nightshirts aren’t dangerous,” Pippi assured her. “They don’t bite anybody except in self defense.”
– Astrid Lindgren –

What would you like to see in Sweden?

See you next week,

x Frankie