Somewhere Between Nature And Childhood. [Sweden]

Hello readers.

Today I’ll tell you about my last journey.

Sweden - 11

This year my mom, our two dogs and I traveled to Sweden. We drove with our car to Lübeck. From there we went by a ship to Trelleborg. So, yes, we finally were in Sweden, but our destination was Mönsteras. We had another long driving ahead.
When we finally arrived. We went for a walk with our dogs and explored our area. After that we had dinner and went to bed.

Sweden - 03

In the next two weeks we lived in one typical swedish wood house.
It was small, but with an beautiful garten.
There we saw this little, cute squirrel.

Sweden - 04

Of course there is a lot of nature in Sweden.
In Sweden live less people than in Germany, even through the country has almost the same size.
Only 21 people live pro km² (in Germany there are 226 people pro km²).
There’s enough place to let the nature be nature. It’s beautiful.

Sweden - 01

We went for long walks with our beloved dogs everyday. They loved Sweden as much as we did.

Sweden - 02

We went into a forest and I think it looks pretty magic there.
I almost hoped to meet a elf.

Sweden - 05

Of course, we wanted to see moose.
But  unfortunately we didn’t see any in their free nature.
We went to an moose park, where we not just saw them, but we also fed them.

Sweden - 06

Sweden is also famous for a lot of beautiful seas.
It’s no surprise. There are so many of them!

Sweden - 08

With all those seas, it’s also no surprise, that there are a lot of ships.

Sweden - 09

When I was a child my mom read to me a book called Pippi Longstocking.
It’s a story about a girl, who lives alone with her horse and a monkey.
She’s pretty strong and has no fear.
I really loved her story.
Well, those stories were written by Astrid Lindgren, who is from Sweden.

In Sweden we went to Astrid Lindgren’s world.
They showed Pippi’s stories on a stage.

Sweden - 16

My mom’s favourite story of Astrid Lindgren is Emil of Lönneberga.
It’s about a boy called Emil. He makes a lot of pranks.
It is really good. If you don’t know books by Astrid Lindgren, you really should read some.

Sweden - 12

We also visited Astrid Lindgren’s hometown, Näs and Vimmerby.
It’s pretty interesting to see where she’s grown up.
In this house live still family members of the Lindgren family.

Sweden - 17

To end this post, I’ll post a random quote from Pippi Longstocking 😀

“But Nightshirts aren’t dangerous,” Pippi assured her. “They don’t bite anybody except in self defense.”
– Astrid Lindgren –

What would you like to see in Sweden?

See you next week,

x Frankie


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