The City In The Ocean. [Italy]

Hello readers.

I’ve been in Italy a couple of times. As a child with my mom and once with my class.
It’s always nice to visit this country with so old and amazing culture.

Italy - 02

In Verona is the most famous balcon.
The balcony of Romeo and Juliet.
Under that balcony is this grid with lots of locks.
People can buy one and write their names on it. Or you can write a letter with your wishes to Juliet.

Italy - 05

Another famous place in Italy is Venice.
You should travel with the gondolas.
Of course you should also visit the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco.

Italy - 01

I’ve also been to Lake Garda.
There are many beautiful little towns, e.g. Sirmione or Limone sul Garda.

Italy - 06

What place would you visit in Italy?

x Frankie


2 thoughts on “The City In The Ocean. [Italy]

  1. Ich war in Verona, Venedig und auch am Gardasee 😀 Weil ich Halbitalienerin bin, sind wir sehr oft in Italien. Ich war auch schon in Rom, Sizilien, Genua, Neapel, Rimini und noch in vielen anderen Städten 😀

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