Christmas Is Coming!

Hello readers.

In the last couple of posts I always had more pictures than textes… I’ll try to change that now.

The first sign of Christmas are the sweets you can buy in supermarkets.
But you can buy them since August or September….
So you don’t get the “Christmas Is Coming” – feeling.
Another sign is that Starbucks sell their awesome coffee in red cups.
I’ve to say that I’m a lover of those coffees.
And I’m always happy to buy the coffee in the red cups.
So the red cups are finally arrived…

…. and Christmas is coming.

Christmas 1 -02

Yesterday I’ve been in a factory to buy some Christmas decoration.
The factory is near by my home, so we go there every year.
You get excited about Christmas after you’ve been there, because you always buy something new and want to decorate your whole house like it’s already Christmas. But unfortunately it’s still a month away… so no decoration until December (which is in two weeks) 😀
We go to the factory, because it’s cheaper than in the shops.
It’s also a more excited experience than going to normal shops.
Another pro for the factory is that you can get everything you need to decorate your house for Christmas.

Christmas 1 - 01

It’s also insane how many people go there every year.
You meet all the people you haven’t met through the twelve months of not Christmas time.
Sometimes I’m very happy to meet someone I’ve lost during the year.
Those Christmas shopping trips bring them back in my life, which is nice.

Are you excited about Christmas? What’s the first sign of Christmas in your life?

x Frankie


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