Epic Brownie

Hello darlings.

Today I start with my posts about London. And the first topic is the food. We had a lot of great, awesome, tasty, perfect food in London.
Yes, that’s right. We went to England and had the best food in our life.

Let’s start with my favourite. Jamie Oliver’s Risotto Wild Mushroom & Smoked Mozzarella. I ate it at Jamie’s Italian in Covent Garden.
But let’s be honest, desserts are the best thing about dinner. Aren’t they?
So Jamie Oliver is very creative and he sells an Epic Brownie.
The name says it all. It’s epic!

2013-12-31 15-32-02

Yes, there is popcorn and ice cream on the top of the brownie.
And it tastes better than you may think.
As you can guess Theresa and I love Jamie Oliver.
That’s why we also went to his restaurant Fifteen.
There we shared a brilliant salat, a perfect pizza and had great dessert.
But this shouldn’t be all about Jamie Oliver’s food. Even through we loved it the most.

One afternoon we ate Cupcakes.
My cute little cake is from a store called The Cupcake Bakehouse. It’s also at Covent Garden.

2013-12-30 15-17-35

We also went to some other restaurants, but I can’t post every little bit of food we had in five day. Or can I?
I could… because I made a photo of everything… but I think it’s not that excited. I mean you know what pasta or burgers look like.
But if you really like to know what else we got, you can follow me on Instagram and I’ll post everything (it just will take some time).

So that’s it for today. I’ve to do some paperwork for my job… and I’m a little hungry now.

Have a great week.

x Frankie


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