I Want.

Hello my dear readers.

I read many, many New Year Resolutions of other bloggers. It seems like everyone wants to change their lifes, at least a little bit. Well, so now I should tell you about resolutions, but I don’t have any this year. I like the idea of resolutions, but I couldn’t find myself making some. This year I’ll start without any resolutions.

New Year Resolutions are (somehow) goals you have for the new year and I don’t have mine for this year, but I’ve goals for my life. A few months ago I felt down and I wanted things to look forward to. I thought about it and wrote a list about ten things I want to do. I am going to show this list instead of my New Year Resolutions. I guess some of those things going to take a long time, others will be just a short moment, some I’ll make soon, others have to wait for years. But one day I’ll do all of those things.

Here, we go:

  1. Travel to New Zealand
  2. Being at El Classico in Camp Nou
  3. Live in a foreign country
  4. Visit another Fall Out Boy Concert (I’ve already got the ticket ^_^)
  5. Work on a movie or theater
  6. Celebration my birthday in New York City
  7. Buy myself a MacBook
  8. Travel through a country with a bike
  9. Learn Spanish and French
  10. Read “The Lord Of The Rings”

Mh, okay… while I wrote this down, my mind reminded me on something. There is one thing I really wish for this year.
2014 I want to grow as a person (as each year). I want to find myself. At the end of the year I want to know who I am and what I want from life. I want to have, at least, a idea of the next two years and a Plan A for 2015. That sounds huge and it is… but lately I felt lost and planless, so I can’t wait to have an idea of my future.
Right now I’m stucked, but anyhow I’ve to go on. Seven months. In seven months I’ll be a nursery nurse with experience. I can’t wait for that day. But until that day, it’s still time for a lot of work, more work, a bit life and much more work ahead. Yes, I’ll stay very, very busy for another seven months.

I’d like to know what your New Years Resolutions are?

See you soon,


Soon to come. My London posts. 🙂

2014-01-01 00-55-15(The first photo I took this year)


Sorry For Not Being Sorry – My Apologize.

Merry Christman and Happy New Year!

I am still alive! And I am sorry that I didn’t write a post the last two weeks…. I just was super busy around Christmas, because my two best friends had their birthdays and then there was, well, christmas. I just didn’t find the time to write a thing. And I am sorry for that.

But I am not sorry for didn’t write last Sunday. I didn’t write, because I was in London. My very favourite city of the cities I’ve been to. So yes, I’ve a lot seen and took lots of pictures and I’m going to tell you a lot about it in my next posts (yes, there’ll be more than one about it :D). But those stories and pictures have to wait a little longer. 

Today I just want to apologize for not being here. And tell you that I am back now. 

See you very soon,

x Frankie

The greatest peace I’ve ever known.

Dear readers.

Last Friday I was at Patrick Wolf’s Concert. It was the best time of the year.

I love Patrick Wolf.

Because he writes perfect lyrics. If I’ll ever get a tattoo, it’d be a part of the song Lycanthropy. But there are so many more great lyrics. Lately I cried to House, because I’ve to move and I loved my home… and it just makes me sad.
Well, but on the otherside his songs make me happy. They show me that I am not alone. The lyrics help me to explain my own feelings and give me courage to be the person I want to be. And I’m thankful for that.

“Let no foot, mark your ground Let no hand, hold you down.”
– Patrick Wolf –

Because of his beautiful voice. This voice reminds me of something better… that there’s still something great to come. His whole music has a very unique – in a positive way – sound. When people ask me what kind of music he makes, I never know what to say. He’s music is just different from all the other artists I’ve ever heard.

Because he has the best wolfpack in the world. When I go to a concert of this gorgeous man I feel like I am going to a huge meeting with a lot of friends. It’s always a great atmosphere and everyone is very kind.
They also make amazing projects like the Happy Birthday video for Patrick’s 30th birthday. Or they send christmas cards to each other.

Because his personality is kind, honest and great. He makes me laugh about jokes. On stage he dances like he’s home alone. He enjoys every second while he’s performing. I love that. And then there’s his style – colourful, glittering. It’s awesome how he wears the things he likes and he always seems self-conscious with his style.

Because at his concerts I can be myself, happy and forget the whole world for a while.
And then there’s his violinist, Victoria Sutherland. She plays at his concerts (and records) since years. The wolfpack loves her almost as much as Patrick himself. She’s lovely.

2013-12-13 20-58-52

There are many more reasons to love him. I’d love reasons why you love him. Or who do you love and why?



PS: Happy 3rd Advent.

Everything Comes To An End.

Hello readers.

Happy second Advent ♥

I’ve been sick this week and I still feel a little bit exhausted.
But it get’s better, finally.
Now this weekend feels unbelieveable short and I hear the clocks are ticking.
Everything is coming to an end.
This sickness. This weekend. And finally this year.

I’ve been sick for a couple of days.
I worked as long as possible, but on Wednesday I was too exhausted to go to work.
I went to an doctor, who gave me some pills and he told me I’ve to stay at home for the rest of the week.
So I stayed at home. I slept a lot.
I finished reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Laugh a little about it and cried at the end.
Than I decided that I need more books by this brilliant author and I revise my christmas wish list.
I also watched a few movies, Heartbeats, Laurence Anyways and Love and other Drugs.
And that’s just it. That’s all I’ve done in the days since Wednesday.

Ends- 01

So this weekend seemed very short.
I didn’t do much. I was at home and I went for a few little walks with my dogs.
The weather was rainy and I’m glad I hadn’t to go for huge walks.

Well, and this year was… changing!
I left school. Maybe for forever.
I started working in a job, I don’t enjoy half as much as I wish I’d.
I made plans for the upcoming year.
I was on a two weeks holiday in Sweden. (You can read here about it)
I saw my favourite german band – Die Toten Hosen.
I build up friendships. I let friendships faid away.
I enjoyed life.
I hated life more than ever.
That’s what my 2013 was about.

Well, I want to be a happy person!
Right now I’m unfortunately not that person, because I struggle with a few things.
But I’ll change those things in 2014.
In the end life is short and I don’t want to waste it.
I want to enjoy life as much as possible.
That sounds cheesy or selfish, but when you think about it, I guess, you’ll enjoy your life as much as possible, too.
Life is too short to regret something.
So be brave and do the things you enjoy and take risk to get where you want to be.
I’m working on being brave. And I’ll start to take more risks in the future.
Everything needs time, but I don’t want to waste too much of it, anymore.

What is important to your life? What would you like to do? What risks would you take for your dreams?

xx Frankie

I’m Looking Forward To See You.

Hello lovely readers.

Happy first Advent to you. I lighted up the first candle of Advent and opend the first door of my Advent Calendar.
Christmas will be sooon! And 2014 will be soon, too.

I have a lof of great things coming up.

In 12 days I’m going to see Patrick Wolf !
I count the days since months and it’s so great to see that it’s finally less than two weeks.
I really love Mr. Wolf since the first time my ears heard his great music, which always helps me through life.
His lyrics are brilliant.
But don’t ask me about the genre. I can’t describe his music at all. Just listen to a few of his songs, please.
And if you have the chance to see him live, go! He’s a great, great, great live performer.
Sooo, I’m looking forward to see him on stage for the third time 🙂

December - 01

I am also looking forward to visit my favourite city. London.
26 days until my best friend, Theresa, and I will be in England for 5 days.
Theresa has never been in London and wants to see all the classic sightseeing things.
And I want to see Les Misérables at the West End.
We still make plans what we’re going to do, so if you know what we have to do, let me know.
Of course I’ll tell you everything about this journey in January.

December - 03

I’ve already a few plans for 2014.
And I’m pretty sure it will be great!
I’m going to make a new post about the new year on my holidays.

I’d like to know what are you looking forward to?

x Frankie


May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor | My Thoughts #2

Hello readers.

Today’s thoughts are about fangirling moments. I know that’s not really something I’ve huge thoughts about… but after this weekend it’s just the only thing I can write about.

Want a sugar cube?

On Friday my best friend and I went to the cinema to watch the 2nd movie of The Hunger Games series.
We both read all books, so we know how the story ends…
But we even with this knowledge doesn’t change anything.
Since the end of the movie, we are desperate to see the 3rd movie.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has a massive cliffhanger.
I would advise you to read the 3rd book before you watch the movie.
If you don’t like reading, watch the movie anyway! It’s just a brilliant movie.
Those The Hunger Games movies are just the best book based movies since Harry Potter.
After the movie we fangirled about it for the rest of the day.

The_Hunger_Games_007(Quelle: fawkestears.deviantart.net)

On Saturday was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.
For everyone who’s a fan of this great, great, great TV series was more than just excited about this episode.
I’m not often excited about one single episode of an show, but Doctor Who is different.
I’m always excited about the Christmas Special and now I couldn’t stop talking about the anniversary.
The best thing about the anniversary was that David Tennant and Billie Piper returned.
And at the end of the day I loved the series a little bit more than ever.

Doctor_Who_104(Quelle: BBC)

Last but not least on Sunday I was fangirling about Giovanna Fletcher.
Her book Billy and Me will be published in Germany in April 2014. Yeay!
It’s get the german title Sternenküsse. You can translate it with star kisses.
But I still don’t like the title that much. And that’s what I tweeted to the lovely Mrs. Fletcher.
And you know what happened? She answered my tweet!
And retweeted another tweet of mine!
I love her and the book, so it made me really happy.

What are the things you fangirl / fanboy about?

xx Frankie

Christmas Is Coming!

Hello readers.

In the last couple of posts I always had more pictures than textes… I’ll try to change that now.

The first sign of Christmas are the sweets you can buy in supermarkets.
But you can buy them since August or September….
So you don’t get the “Christmas Is Coming” – feeling.
Another sign is that Starbucks sell their awesome coffee in red cups.
I’ve to say that I’m a lover of those coffees.
And I’m always happy to buy the coffee in the red cups.
So the red cups are finally arrived…

…. and Christmas is coming.

Christmas 1 -02

Yesterday I’ve been in a factory to buy some Christmas decoration.
The factory is near by my home, so we go there every year.
You get excited about Christmas after you’ve been there, because you always buy something new and want to decorate your whole house like it’s already Christmas. But unfortunately it’s still a month away… so no decoration until December (which is in two weeks) 😀
We go to the factory, because it’s cheaper than in the shops.
It’s also a more excited experience than going to normal shops.
Another pro for the factory is that you can get everything you need to decorate your house for Christmas.

Christmas 1 - 01

It’s also insane how many people go there every year.
You meet all the people you haven’t met through the twelve months of not Christmas time.
Sometimes I’m very happy to meet someone I’ve lost during the year.
Those Christmas shopping trips bring them back in my life, which is nice.

Are you excited about Christmas? What’s the first sign of Christmas in your life?

x Frankie