Hello Mr. Holmes ♥

Hello everyone.

Here’s part two of my London posts. It’s about our visit at the famous Baker Street. Yes, we visited Sherlock Holmes *-*

I guess you know that SH lived in the 221B Baker Street…. well, if he had lived. Unfortunately, he’s just a character in a book series.
But the adress is real. There is a the museum, which is all about the one and only Consulting Detective and his friend John Watson and their adventures.

The rooms are furnished like Sir Conan Arthur Doyle described them.

You can sit in Sherlock’s chair and wear his (or in my case John’s) hat.

2013-12-28 12-14-40

And I love all the little details.
The candles and fireplaces seems to work.
It’s like Sherlock and John are just out to solve a crime and they’ll be back in a minute to have a drink.
Do you fancy a Scotch or Gin?

2013-12-28 11-13-50

Everywhere is something you know from the stories.

It’s a great place for everyone who’s a Fan of the great stories about Sherlock Holmes.
No matter if you love the books or the old movies.
Even if you just love the BBC series (I’m obsessed with it!), you probably going to like this awesome museum.

Do you like Sherlock Holmes? What’s your favourite story about him?

x Frankie