We Used To Be Friends.

Hello my friends,

I’m such bad blogger lately. But I still have hope to get better…

Today I’m full of power and joy. I went to the cinema with my best friend. We watched the Veronica Mars Movie, which made me freak out… I don’t know if you know the series, but it was my favourite (before Sherlock existed) and it ended “not so great”. A lot of fans hated it and begged for the movie… after years WB and the makers finally agreed to make a movie, but the fans had to finance the whole thing. So Rob Thomas, the maker, started a kickstarter project and the fans spend over 5 million USD…. which are 3 million more than they had asked for. I still can’t believe all this really happend and I’m so proud to be a part of this fandom! Well, yeah… what was I about to say? I guess, I only wanted to let you know how much I love Veronica Mars and that I’m pretty happy thanks to her and the great, great movie!

Okay, back to the things I wanted to write about two weeks ago.

Fall Out Boy was insane, because they reminded me of my whole teenager time and I’ve lots of memories about every song. It just was like time traveling and being as emotinal as I am right now. We stand in front of Pete Wentz, who had such an huge impacted on who I am now… I am grateful to have seen my those people who just helped me growing up.
They are also grown as a live act since I saw them in 2007. They really got better and I’m very happy about that and I can’t wait to see them again one day.


I also wanted to tell you why I’m going to stay here longer.
Well, there are a couple of reasons.

  1. I earn more money next year… that sounds so bad to write, but it’s easier to move with a little bit money in the back of you pocket.
  2. I’ll get some working experience, which will help me finding a new job later.
  3. I can help my mom, if she’ll really move houses.
  4. I don’t have to leave my pets behind (that’s, to be honest, one of the main reasons… I can’t imagine a life without them).
  5. I still can travel and maybe I’ll finally make it to Barcelona, which would be amazing.

Those were my main reasons… so I’m excited about whatever will happen in the next few months.

See you soon,

x Frankie

PS: Barça just won against Real Madrid, so I’m even more happy than at the beginning of this blog post. (I didn’t write during the match… maybe the text isn’t that great… I just wrote before the match, during the half-time and after the match… )
I hope, you had a great day as well. I wish you a great week.


I made a decision! | Life Update

Hello there.

After a few of months of uncertainty, I finally made a decision! I really felt bad those months and I was thinking too much… but I made a compromise, which should work very well. At least I hope so.

You guys know that I want to go to a foreign counrty to live there at least for one year… and I thought I’d do this next summer. But my boss asked me, if I’d like to stay there for another year, so I’d make some working experience and earn some money before I leave… well and after that question I thought about it a bloody lot! I thought I wouldn’t leave this place, if I’d say yes to stay here for another year….

But on the other hand I’ll still be young next year. And why shouldn’t I go next year? And it’d great to save some money before I leave…

So, after the last months being unhappy with myself, I’m going to be fine now.

I made the decision to stay here. With my family, pets & friends. At my job.
And then I’ll go to away.

Thank you very much for sticking around.

I’ll tell you more about my decision in the next post, but first of all I just wanted to tell you.
I’d also love to share my thoughts about my very first concert and the last one I’ve been to. Yes, those were my tickets…


See you sooner now,

x Frankie

I Want.

Hello my dear readers.

I read many, many New Year Resolutions of other bloggers. It seems like everyone wants to change their lifes, at least a little bit. Well, so now I should tell you about resolutions, but I don’t have any this year. I like the idea of resolutions, but I couldn’t find myself making some. This year I’ll start without any resolutions.

New Year Resolutions are (somehow) goals you have for the new year and I don’t have mine for this year, but I’ve goals for my life. A few months ago I felt down and I wanted things to look forward to. I thought about it and wrote a list about ten things I want to do. I am going to show this list instead of my New Year Resolutions. I guess some of those things going to take a long time, others will be just a short moment, some I’ll make soon, others have to wait for years. But one day I’ll do all of those things.

Here, we go:

  1. Travel to New Zealand
  2. Being at El Classico in Camp Nou
  3. Live in a foreign country
  4. Visit another Fall Out Boy Concert (I’ve already got the ticket ^_^)
  5. Work on a movie or theater
  6. Celebration my birthday in New York City
  7. Buy myself a MacBook
  8. Travel through a country with a bike
  9. Learn Spanish and French
  10. Read “The Lord Of The Rings”

Mh, okay… while I wrote this down, my mind reminded me on something. There is one thing I really wish for this year.
2014 I want to grow as a person (as each year). I want to find myself. At the end of the year I want to know who I am and what I want from life. I want to have, at least, a idea of the next two years and a Plan A for 2015. That sounds huge and it is… but lately I felt lost and planless, so I can’t wait to have an idea of my future.
Right now I’m stucked, but anyhow I’ve to go on. Seven months. In seven months I’ll be a nursery nurse with experience. I can’t wait for that day. But until that day, it’s still time for a lot of work, more work, a bit life and much more work ahead. Yes, I’ll stay very, very busy for another seven months.

I’d like to know what your New Years Resolutions are?

See you soon,


Soon to come. My London posts. 🙂

2014-01-01 00-55-15(The first photo I took this year)

Christmas Is Coming!

Hello readers.

In the last couple of posts I always had more pictures than textes… I’ll try to change that now.

The first sign of Christmas are the sweets you can buy in supermarkets.
But you can buy them since August or September….
So you don’t get the “Christmas Is Coming” – feeling.
Another sign is that Starbucks sell their awesome coffee in red cups.
I’ve to say that I’m a lover of those coffees.
And I’m always happy to buy the coffee in the red cups.
So the red cups are finally arrived…

…. and Christmas is coming.

Christmas 1 -02

Yesterday I’ve been in a factory to buy some Christmas decoration.
The factory is near by my home, so we go there every year.
You get excited about Christmas after you’ve been there, because you always buy something new and want to decorate your whole house like it’s already Christmas. But unfortunately it’s still a month away… so no decoration until December (which is in two weeks) 😀
We go to the factory, because it’s cheaper than in the shops.
It’s also a more excited experience than going to normal shops.
Another pro for the factory is that you can get everything you need to decorate your house for Christmas.

Christmas 1 - 01

It’s also insane how many people go there every year.
You meet all the people you haven’t met through the twelve months of not Christmas time.
Sometimes I’m very happy to meet someone I’ve lost during the year.
Those Christmas shopping trips bring them back in my life, which is nice.

Are you excited about Christmas? What’s the first sign of Christmas in your life?

x Frankie

A Little More Personal | My Thoughts #1

Hello readers.

After one month of blogging I think it’s time to get a little more personal. I decided to do a monthly post called “My thoughts”, where I’ll write about one topic and explain my thought about them. I’ve some ideas about this, but I’d like to read what topics do you like to read about?

MyThoughts - 02

This first episode of “My thoughts” is about me, because it’s called A Little More Personal. I’ll do it in the 25 facts about me – style.

  1. My real name is Franziska which is the german version of Francesca.
  2. I’ve lots of nicknames like Frankie, Frances, Franzi, Cissy etc.
  3. I’m born on the 4 of July 1991 – so I’m 22.
  4. … but I was never estimated over 18. I look very young.
  5. My first book (without pictures in it) ever was Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone. Since then I’m Potterhead.
  6. People told me a couple of times that I look like Luna Lovegood.
  7. I own a cat and two dogs. I love both. Cats & dogs equally.
  8. I always thought my mom and me are like Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (from the TV show Gilmore Girls).
  9. I enjoy jogging. But lately I didn’t run often, because I’m busy with my job.
  10. I love football (soccer) a lot ♥ My favourite team is FC Barcelona.
  11. I am a vegetarian.
  12. The first concert I’ve been to was Fall Out Boy in 2007.
  13. I don’t like flying… but I do it, because I love travelling and seeing new places.
  14. I’ve never moved. So, yes, I still live with my mom.
  15. I like painting .
  16. I usually don’t cry while reading, but when I read John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars I cried for 30 minutes >.<
  17. I like baking and cooking but I don’t do it often because I don’t like the colour of our kitchen walls. ô.Ô
  18. I am 5’3″. That’s pretty small.
  19. I am more or less a nursery nurse. I am already work in this job and I have my final exam in summer 2014.
  20. I love with pudding 😀
  21. My favourite season is summer, because I love warm weather and the sun.
  22. Sometimes I feel like Lindsay Lohan in Just my luck, because everything goes so well and then my luck stops from one day to another.
  23. I like dresses and I just started to get into Make Up. ^-^
  24. If I’d be a TV character, I’d be a mix of Peyton Sawyer (One Tree Hill), Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) and Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City).
  25. I buy christmas presents from January to November. Non in December.

If you would like to anything else, I’d be happy to answer your questions. And leave some facts about you ^-^

xx Frankie